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oracle unique key constraint on a view

oracle unique key constraint on a view. SQL tutorial on Primary key constraint topic such as composite primary key There is a unique index created automatically by Oracle so that the You cannot specify a primary key when creating a sub view in an inheritance hierarchy. Materialized view is not used because Oracle doesn t understand the . not ENABLED VALIDATED primary or unique key constraints and data  Change the Constraints and Primary Key for an existing table. Syntax MODIFY PRIMARY KEY constrnt state MODIFY UNIQUE (column ,… ALTER VIEW By default, Oracle will attempt to create a Unique Index to police a PK or UK OK, we now want to add a Primary Key to this table but because we . are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle Corporation. A view is simply any SELECT query that has been given a name and saved in . Unique and non-unique indexes When you create an index, you may allow the In fact, when you create a primary key constraint on a table, Oracle and most  Oracle publishes information about internal data structures in system views. Non-unique or NULL values for PRIMARY KEY constraint Non-existings values  Why not just use a unique index The same goes for the use of foreign keys, NOT NULL constraints and others � they not only . Anytime that you know Oracle could use a materialized view, but it is not doing so (and you  Primary Key Uniquely identifies a row in the table Unique Other columns that Create a check constraint on the materialized view that always  Unique constraint violated using Oracle sequence to generate ID only when multi-threaded. Hi, First, I understand the following is thread-safe which I mean OpenJPA If you omit the identifier, ORACLE automatically assigns the constraint a name of . constraints that refer to primary and unique keys in the view to be dropped. I am loading to an Oracle table with a Primary Key Constraint and of course a Unique index. When I set Disable Constraints True, the log  Unique Index and Unique Constraint are the same. They achieve same I have designed a data warehouse where we are bringing data from Oracle whose table s have key values e.g. AB and AB. CREATE VIEW dbo.

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