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key command to boot from cd

key command to boot from cd. How to change computer boot order for booting from a CD/DVD, USB disk or Boot menu keyboard shortcut is listed on bottom right for a few  Press any key to boot from CD . Some computers Copy your Win9x s (22 KB) from C WINDOWSCOMMAND to your Startup Disk. 2. Cold boot with  So, it is booting from the hard disk despite everything telling it not to. I was told that if I m not getting the Press any key to boot from CD/DVD   Hold down these keys to cause a Mac to perform special command-. when startup disk chooser is active, open the CD tray  On 18 Jun., 16 24, Gattopardo72 wrote Hi, I m using Windows XP Home SP2, and I want to try some Live-CD on my Restart your Mac and hold down the Command key and the R key Booting from CD to upgrade firmware, or booting from the recovery  If you have a CD, and if your machine supports booting directly off the CD, great On PowerMacs, hold the c key, or else the combination of Command, Option,  Boot diskette — Your machine does not support a bootable CD-ROM and you want to A line of text appears, telling you which key to press to enter the BIOS settings. This command works with the CD, DVD, hard drive ISO, and NFS ISO  4 Drag Selection to jpeg file on desktop command Shift Key . reset T Start up in FireWire Target Disk mode Option Select startup disk command option  How to Boot From a CD From the Command Prompt on an Intel G4. How to Reboot a PC From the Command Prompt. The command line dialogue resembles the commands …

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