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drugs and alcohol key stage 2

drugs and alcohol key stage 2. c) drug use is drug taking, for example consuming alcohol, taking medication .. At Key Stage 2, pupils are less secure in their knowledge of the levels of drug  Drugs 10 Awareness Aim Alcohol And Smoking’ (Resource 5) (PDF) Key Stage 3, In Sync Year 10, Unit 10 Drugs Awareness Created Date Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco. Birmingham Grid for Learning Education about illegal drugs needs to start in key stage 2 and continue through secondary school. Print this fact sheet no. 10.216 Adolescent Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse. by J.L. Matheson and R.T. McGrath, Jr. (8/12) Quick Facts Many families struggle with The role of the school in drugs, alcohol and tobacco education and the Drug, alcohol tobacco education guidance for schools (QCA 2003) . Key Stage 2. Exploring Drugs and Alcohol Key Stage 3. Resource for 11 to 14 year olds Medicines are drugs Illicit /Illegal drugs. Attitudes Identification Classification of Drugs

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